The Certificate of Energy Performance


From the 1st of June 2013 owners selling or renting their properties in Spain need a “Certificate of Energy Performance” (in Spanish “Certificado de Calificación Energetica”). This is in accordance with the Royal Decree 235/2013, of 5th of April 2013.

This certificate, which already exists in other EU countries and has done for some time now (in the U.K. since 2007), has the purpose to quantify and qualify the energy quality of the building that is intended for sale or rent. Through a colour code according to a scale ranging from category A, corresponding to the most efficient, to G, the least efficient, the property will get a certain grade and ultimately determine the state of the energy system of the property. However, it is important to point out that no property will “fail” this test. No matter how bad the result is, the certificate will be valid, although a bad qualification may influence buyers or tenant’s decisions when comparing with similar properties with better efficiency.

The certificate needs to be issued by a qualified professional (Technical Architects, Engineers, etc.) and the average cost is some 200 Euros, although some companies are offering it for less. It lasts for 10 years.

Finally, please note that you will not need this a Certificate of Energy Performance if your building was built after 2007 when the certificate was already compulsory for new developments or if you rent your property for short term lets only (less than 4 months per year). If you are not planning to sell or rent your property, this does not affect you in anyway, and you will not need to do anything.

This information has been prepared for our clients only as an informative guide and we do not offer the services of issuing this certificate, although we can recommend you a reliable professional if you so request.

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