Dissolution of Joint Property Ownership

"Extinción de Condominio"

Dissolution of Joint Property Ownership

Dissolution of Joint Property (extinción de condominio in Spanish) is the prescribed procedure to acquire title to a property, when one of the co-owners wants to buy from the other.

It is very similar to a sale (and Capital Gains Tax applies the same), because there must be a payment, which in this case is named “compensation”, to be received by the co-owner who is leaving the partnership, but there are two significant advantages:

  • Instead of a 7% Transfer Tax, the “buyer” will only have to pay 1.2% on the value of the half of the property being transferred, rather than on the total value of the property.
  • Plusvalia tax does not apply

There are two requirements to be eligible for this advantaged tax regime when proceeding with a Dissolution of Joint Property, and it is highly advisable to take legal advice to make sure that everything is done properly:

  • The compensation received by the “seller” must be 50% of the declared value of the property (and for tax reasons this cannot be a “nominal value”, but should be a real market value)
  • And although it seems logical, the buyer must already been owner of a share of the property (otherwise this wouldn’t be a termination of co-ownership!)

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