My Spanish bank has blocked my account!

Pursuant to Prevention of Money Laundering laws

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    This has happened to me with no prior notification. I was only aware when a direct direct for home insurance came back. This is the Spanish Banks acting as a law to themselves and has caused big problems for non resident. Not everyone wants to gvie someone in Spain the Power of Attorney. I believe the European courts should provide compensation for all the hardship this has caused not least for the cancellation of standing orders. Does Spain want to have the boost to its economy of foreign home owners who have paid into the system for years and then get treated in an appalling fashion. It has made me very sad and I consider Spain my second home and I have Spanish ancestors.

  2. Dear Kay
    I understand very well how you feel as I have seen the same situation with many of our clients. Spanish banks should have made a bigger effort to notify their customers before taking such radical decisions. And what is worse, once that you contact them to solve the situation, most of them don’t react very quickly…

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