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Non Lucrative Visa for Spain for British Nationals (Post Brexit)

Non Lucrative Visa for Spain for British Nationals (Post Brexit)

Non Lucrative Visa for Spain for British Nationals (Post Brexit)

If you want to spend more than 90 days in any 180-day period in Spain, you don’t work (retired, etc.) and you don’t meet the criteria for the Golden Visa, you will need to apply for a Non Lucrative Visa.

Basically, these are the basic requirements to be eligible for this residency authorisation:

1) You must be able to show that you are economically self sufficient and that you have a regular income of:

  • 1 person (primary applicant): 25.816,20 Euros (per year)
  • Further applicants from the same family: An additional 6.454,08 Euros per year for each family member thereafter.

2) You must also ensure that all adult applicants obtain a Certificate from the National Police (in your country) confirming your Fingerprint and name check across your country of residency, and an overseas ‘Clearance check’ if you have been living abroad within the last 5 years.

3) You must all have full medical health insurance cover in Spain

4) You will need to confirm where you intend to move to, i.e. your address in Spain

5) You will need to obtain a ‘fit for travel’ medical certificate from your doctor.

Of course, at Bravo Legal, we can assist you with everything related to this.

Our services to assist you will include the following:

  • Study of your your case and assistance with the first phase of the application, which needs to be submitted to the Spanish Consulate closest to your current place of residency.
  • Confirmation of the documentation that you must prepare to support your application.
  • We can help by informing you of the documents that need to be ‘officially translated’ and, if available, confirm if your Consulate has a list of officially recognized translators for you.
  • We will fill out all the forms required for each applicant
  • If you need help to get documents apostilled, we can either point you in the right direction, or in some cases, we will be able to do this for you (with birth certificates or marriage certificates for example).
  • Provide details of English speaking Insurance companies that can provide the correct medical health care cover for you in Spain.

Once you obtain your VISA, we will support you with the second part of the process in Spain 

  • Booking your appointment at your Local Town Hall in order to register with them – and obtain a ‘certificado de empadronamiento’
  • Booking your appointment at the National Police Station to present your original paperwork to them and for them to take your fingerprints.
  • Filling in the relevant paperwork and help with preparing your application to obtain your Spanish residency card (valid in Spain)
  • Book your follow-up appointment for collection of the card.

Although we will always provide a tailored quotation for every case, these are our orientative fees for a Non Lucrative Visa for British Nationals Post Brexit:

One person:
350,00 Euros + IVA (€423,50 Euros) for assistance with the first part of the process (Visa application in the Spanish Consulate in your country)
200 Euros + IVA (€242) for assistance with the second part of the process (Residency Card in Spain)

Two people:
450,00 Euros + IVA (€544,50) for assistance with the first part of the process (Visa application in the Spanish Consulate)
300 Euros + IVA (€363) for assistance with the second part of the process (Residency Card in Spain)

The reason we quote our fees separately is to enable you the flexibility to decide. Therefore, we can either help with the whole process, or, you may require our help for the first phase only – preparing you for your application for your VISA with the Spanish Consulate. If you are confident to carry out the first part in your own country by yourself, then we also offer you the chance to help you just for the second phase, once you arrive in Spain.

(Taxes and Translation fees NOT included)

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